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Steppin Worldwide .com

SWW is a promotional collective dedicated to cultivating the expansion of Chicago steppin'. Our mission is to honor the culture and lifestyle of steppin' while crafting exclusive luxury experiences for steppers worldwide, infused with music, entertainment and wealth opportunities.

"Chicago, The Steppin Capital Of The World"

Brief History Of Chicago Steppin

The origins of Chicago Steppin' trace back to the African American communities of Chicago in the 1930s. Emerging from a blend of swing and ballroom dance styles like the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and the bop, it found its birthplace in the basement clubs and social gatherings of the South Side.

Initially, Steppin' was an informal and spontaneous dance form characterized by smooth, rhythmic movements set to the backdrop of jazz and blues music. Over time, it evolved into a structured dance style while retaining its soulful essence.

Though deeply rooted in Chicago's cultural fabric, Steppin' transcended geographical boundaries, gaining popularity across the United States and internationally. Today, Steppin' clubs and events can be discovered in various corners of the globe, showcasing its enduring appeal and widespread influence beyond its city of origin.

Steppin Worldwide Isn't Just About Dance;

A cultural phenomenon with its own unique lifestyle and communities around the world,

 steppin' is about celebrating a lifestyle—an embodiment of sophistication, camaraderie, and pure enjoyment. From the pulsating beats to the intricate footwork, every aspect of steppin' exudes an air of refinement and luxury. Steppin' Worldwide revels in this vibrant lifestyle, offering steppin enthusiasts a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Chicago Steppin' like never before.

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At SWW, we're committed to providing our members with unparalleled access to the vibrant world of Chicago Steppin' and beyond. Our membership opens doors to a plethora of benefits, ensuring that you not only immerse yourself in the rich culture of Steppin' but also seize unique opportunities for growth and enrichment. Experience the thrill of belonging to a community that shares your passion and dedication, and unlock a world of exclusive opportunities that await you as an SWW member.

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SWW Affiliate Program, Let’s  Win Together.

  Bonus: Earn 25% on every member you sign up. 

Steppers and non steppers. When you join SWW, you automatically become part of our lucrative affiliate program, enabling you to earn thousands by promoting SWW membership.

SWW affiliate program can also help alleviate your membership cost and travel expenses, allowing you to participate in steppin' events worldwide more accessibly. Additionally, you gain access to SWW exclusive VIP deals, national events, private parties and retreats, enabling you to explore the world of steppin' more affordably.

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    About SWW Events

    Our devoted national events team is deeply committed to delivering upscale experiences for you. Each event we organize promises an unforgettable journey, customized to cater to the distinct preferences of our guests. Beyond the realm of stepping, SWW provides a comprehensive range of services, including entertainment, international getaways, wealth workshops, and a meticulously curated selection of exclusive SWW-hosted events. These events encompass captivating workshops, private parties, and a myriad of non-stepping entertainment choices. Brace yourself for an evening of refinement and enrichment that stands unparalleled

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    Together It's A Win - Win For The Steppin Communities

    Who Is SWW For? Steppers, Promoters, DJs, and Dance instructors to foster the global growth of Steppin. 

  • Promoters organize and host Steppin' sets and events, actively contributing to the growth and development of the Steppin' community.

  • DJs are the heartbeat of the Steppin' scene, providing the music and infectious energy that keeps the dance floor packed at Steppin' gatherings.

  • Dance instructors play a vital role in preparing people for the Steppin' community by teaching them the dance steps, introducing them to the music, and equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to step onto the floor at Steppin' gatherings and events.

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    Steppin Beyond Tomorrow

    SWW Embracing the next generation to create a more diverse and inclusive future for Steppers who are; Young professionals Entrepreneurs, Artistes, and Entertainers. 

    What Are People Saying

    "Great Concept!"

    SteppinWorldwide.com will give a sense of belonging within the Steppin' community. Their mission to support and empower Steppers will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the dance's growth and recognition worldwide.

    Alicia S - Entrepreneur. Las Vegas

    "Brand elevated!"

    "I'm grateful to SteppinWorldwide.com for promoting Steppin' on a global scale. The website's dedication to preserving the essence of Steppin' while fostering economic growth is truly remarkable."

    Renee M, New York 

    "Just what the dance need"

    "SteppinWorldwide.com will opened doors I never knew existed in the Steppin' world. Their collaborations with The Local dj's promoters and the instructors will provided exciting opportunities for Steppers like me."

    DJ K. Arizonian

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