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SWW reps support and promote economic growth through steppin on an international scale.

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Region Reps

Represent SWW in their respective regions, foster collaboration between state and city representatives, and promote the Steppin culture to big companies to drive economic growth within their region. Let's make the entire international STEPPIN community WIN!


Pacific & Mountain 


West & East North Central


Mid Atlantic


West & East South Central & South Atlantic


  • State RepresentativeLiaise between SWW and the cities in their state. Ensure that each city has representation. Build market and relationships with businesses. Promote and support their state to WIN!

  • City Representative: Serve as local advocates for SWW in their respective cities. Promote and support Steppin events and activities within their city and coordinate city initiatives and gatherings.

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    How We Work Together

    Steppers who love the Chicago Steppin' lifestyle and have found ways to monetize or create businesses related to the dance often combine their love of the art form with their entrepreneurial spirit. SWW works collaboratively with Steppers and uses its platform to help bring additional clients to their businesses. Here are some key aspects that are important to them:


    Steppers who are well-connected in the community may venture into event promotion. They organize Steppin' events, such as social dances, parties, or formal balls, and make money from ticket sales, vendor fees, and sponsorships. Successful event promoters can create a thriving business around the Chicago Steppin' scene.


    Music is an essential element of Chicago Steppin', and some enthusiasts become DJs who specialize in playing the right tunes for Steppin' events. They can make a living by DJing at various events and catering to the music preferences of the Steppin' community.

    Includes other 

    Dance Instructors

    Many passionate Chicago Steppers become dance instructors. They offer classes, workshops, and private lessons to teach others the art of Chicago Steppin'. These instructors may work at dance studios, community centers, or even offer online lessons, providing a valuable service while generating income.

    Includes other Dance Instructors: Line-dance etc


    • Dance Apparel and Merchandise

    • Steppers who are fashion-savvy may start businesses related to dance apparel and merchandise. They design and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories tailored to the Chicago Steppin' style. This can be an excellent way to combine their passion with entrepreneurship.

    • Dance Studio Owenership

    • Some dedicated Chicago Steppers open their own dance studios or venues dedicated to the art of Steppin'. These studios can offer a range of dance classes, host events, and generate income through memberships and rentals for special occasions.

    • Choreography and Performance

    • Steppers with advanced skills may explore the world of dance performance. They can create choreographed routines and perform at various events, including weddings, parties, and corporate functions, earning income from these performances.

    • Travel and Tours

    • A unique business opportunity for Steppers is to organize Steppin' travel and tours. This can include planning group trips to major Steppin' events in different cities or even international Steppin' tours. These ventures can provide a source of income and allow Steppers to explore new places.

    • Online Content Creation

    • In the digital age, some Steppers have leveraged their knowledge and passion for Chicago Steppin' by creating online content. They may run YouTube channels, blogs, or social media accounts dedicated to teaching Steppin' techniques, sharing dance-related stories, or promoting products and events.

    • Dance Competitions and Judging

    • Experienced Steppers may become judges at dance competitions, earning fees for their expertise. Additionally, they might organize their own Steppin' competitions and monetize them through registration fees and sponsorships.

    SWW is a promotional group, and It's important to emphasize that SWW's role is to support and promote the Steppin culture, community, and industry, but it does not oversee or regulate Steppin or related activities. Promoters, DJs, and dance instructors operate independently within their respective domains, and SWW serves as a facilitator and supporter of their efforts.

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